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Introducing The Data Standards Cloud

The Data Standards Cloud is Claravine’s platform; it helps you standardize your marketing metadata naming conventions, taxonomy, and more. This is crucial when you consider the disparate systems you use at various stages of marketing across your many teams, and how easily misaligned the data becomes as it makes its way downstream. The Data Standards Cloud acts as the central point of truth, connecting your teams, platforms and services, mapping your campaign details across workflow steps and systems so you can use your data seamlessly.

Workflow and Terminology

When you work within Claravine’s platform, you will be working primarily with templates, submissions, field sets, and integrations. It’s easiest to understand the platform's main terms in the context of the The Data Standards Cloud workflow:

When your company first engages with Claravine, it appoints The Data Standards Cloud administrator. Much of the initial setup work rests with this administrator from your team, who creates users and assigns permissions to them. Your administrator also creates templates into which users will enter data. Templates contain guidelines for each field of data in the form of field sets (rules for accepted data values). Templates enforce data compliance via validations.

Once a template is complete, your administrator allows users to enter data into it. The act of a user adding data to a template is called a submission, because the data is first submitted to the template and validated before it is officially added to the template dataset. A dataset is the collection of data submitted on a template. Depending on how your administrator sets permissions, the submission may have to be approved by a manager before it is added to the template dataset.

Recall that The Data Standards Cloud acts as the central point of truth, where data and metadata are mapped between the disparate systems you use to manage your marketing activity. Claravine offers pre-made connectors for some systems (including Google Campaign Manager, Meta Ads, Adobe Analytics, and others) to automate your workflow. We call these connectors integrations. Our integrations include no-code connectors, import/export, partner-based workflows, and an API—all to help your productivity. Of course, you’re not limited to the integrations we provide; it’s easy to customize your own inbound and outbound mappings with any system you use.

Next Steps in Your Orientation

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