(Legacy) Claravine + Facebook Ads Manager Integration

Julia Randall
Julia Randall
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Note: Before configuring the Legacy Facebook Ads Manager Integration, please note that a new integration version is available as Claravine + Meta Ads Manager. The new integration enables each data stream (Campaign, Ad Sets, Ad, Creatives) to live in separate templates. Benefits include less time required to update data sets, faster data loading, and more frequent data syncs. Use new integration in all cases aside from passing a clickthrough URL from Claravine to Meta.

The Outbound URL Configuration is currently only supported through the Legacy Facebook Ads Manager Integration, but will be supported through the Meta Ads Manager Integration in the near future. Reach out to your Claravine customer success contact with any questions.

Claravine integrates with Facebook (Meta) Ads Manager to import campaign metadata into a template and provide data governance on the data and links. Once the data has been imported it can be enriched with business-specific data and then mapped into Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, or any cloud storage account for further analysis.

  • Configure the Integration

    1. Confirm that you are logged into Ads Manager with the appropriate permissions and access for your marketing campaigns. We recommend the user has Manage Campaign permissions in Meta Business Manager, and access to all active campaigns.

    2. Navigate to SettingsIntegrationsAccounts.
      The Accounts page displays.


    3. Click the plus sign (+) to create a new Account.
      The Edit New Account menu displays.


    4. Enter the following information for the Account:
      • Name
      • Description
        We recommend entering a description to make it easier to determine the use of the Account when creating targets.

    5. Select Facebook as the type.

    6. Click Connect Account.


    7. The Facebook sync page opens asking to continue. Click Continue As ... or log into another account.


    8. Click Save.

    Note: If you receive an error stating that the account could not be linked to Facebook or Meta and that you should check your connection and try again, there is also a possibility that you're using a newly created Facebook or Meta account. Facebook/Meta states that "there is a 60-minute delay before new accounts can log in to any applications." This error can occur when your Facebook or Meta account has been created within the last 60 minutes, but it can take as long as 5-7 days for a new account to be able to log in.

  • Available Inbound Data Fields From Ads Manager

    The integration allows specific fields in Ads Manager to automatically import data into a connected template.

    • ad_account_id
    • ad_account_name
    • ad_created_time
    • ad_id
    • ad_name
    • ad_status
    • ad_updated_time
    • adset_bid_amount
    • adset_id
    • adset_name
    • adset_targeting
    • campaign_bid_strategy
    • campaign_buying_type
    • campaign_created_time
    • campaign_id
    • campaign_name
    • campaign_objective
    • campaign_start_time
    • campaign_stop_time
    • carousel_image_hash
    • carousel_name
    • creative_call_to_action_type
    • creative_id
    • creative_instragram_permalink_url
    • creative_link_url
    • creative_name
    • creative_object_type
    • creative_object_url
    • creative_status
    • creative_template_url
    • creative_url_tags
    • creative_video_id
    • facebook_positions
    • generated_link
    • instagram_positions
    • platform
  • Templates: Inbound Configuration

    Claravine can import ad IDs, Names, and additional metadata directly from Ads Manager, avoiding manual exports, then pass data downstream for more readable classifications and enriched data for improved dimensionality and segmentation in analysis.

    Add Ads Manager Inbound to a Template

    To add Ads Manager Inbound to a template:

    1. An Administrator must first connect the Ads Manager in IntegrationsAccounts.
    2. Open or create the Integration Template in the Templates tab. The template must contain all ID fields, platform Name fields, and any additional metadata fields in Step 2 Define and Govern.
    3. Click Step 3 - Connect.
    4. Click the plus sign (+) to add a new Inbound integration.
    5. Click Facebook Ads Sync.
      The Ads Manager inbound configuration section displays.

    6. Select the connected Ads Manager Account from the drop-down list.

    7. Select the Ad Account from the drop-down list.

    Field Mapping

    1. Ad ID and Generated Link fields are required field mappings when adding an Ads Manager integration to a template. In the Map To fields, select the field names in the template to which you want to map this inbound data. See the list of available inbound fields.

    2. Click + Add New Mapping to add additional Ads Manager fields to map with Claravine fields.

    3. Click Save to save the template.

    Watch a video showing you how to add an Ads Manager Inbound Integration to a template.

    What's Next: Follow the instructions to create an outbound URL configuration for Ads Manager.

    What's Next: See how users would review and submit inbound integration data in the Pending menu.

  • Templates: Outbound URL Configuration

    Claravine can automatically send the Claravine-generated URL back to Ads Manager.

    Add Facebook (Meta) Ads Outbound to a Template

    To add Facebook Ads Outbound to a template:

    1. Open the Integration Template in the Templates tab.

    2. Click Step 3 - Connect.

    3. Click the plus sign (+) to add a new Outbound integration.

    4. Click Facebook Ads Link Update.
      The Facebook Ads Outbound configuration section displays.


    5. Enter the Integration Name. If no value is entered, Claravine will default the Integration Name to the Template name.

    6. Select the connected Facebook account.
      An Administrator must first connect the Meta account in IntegrationsAccounts

    7. Click Save to save the template.
  • Update Ads Manager API

    Re-Sync an Existing Claravine Facebook (Meta) Ads Manager Account

    1. Confirm you are logged into Facebook Ads Manager with the same account previously synced with Claravine.
    2. Navigate to Settings IntegrationsAccounts.

    3. The Accounts page displays.


    4. Click the name of the Ads Manager Account you want to modify.
      The Edit Account menu displays.


    5. Click Reconnect Account.

    6. The Meta sync page opens asking to continue. Click Continue As ... or log into another account.


    7. Click Save.



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