Claravine + Snapchat Ads Manager Integration

Julia Randall
Julia Randall
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Claravine integrates with Snapchat Ads Manager to solve problems caused by sprawling advertising data, complicated by siloed teams and tools. Use our integration to deliver and measure your campaigns. Our platform, The Data Standards Cloud, automatically syncs campaign, ad group, and ad data from this engaging camera and messaging app, making it easy to:

  • Automate the import of data
  • Accelerate data entry and custom tracking URL building
  • Audit and validate data against marketing data standards
  • Pass data downstream for more readable classifications
  • Enrich data for improved dimensionality and segmentation in analysis

Once the connector is set up, The Data Standards Cloud automatically syncs and imports specified data from Snapchat and maps this into the appropriate fields in your template(s). From there, you can take a few approaches depending on what your team is looking to accomplish.

You can pass this data directly to your analytics and BI tools so you can more immediately understand performance in these systems. And, you can enrich this data with additional business-specific metadata before sending it downstream.

You can also create and validate data across various team workflows. For example, generate naming conventions in our platform. Then set-up campaigns in Snapchat Ads Manager and import this data to validate compliance and add business-specific data from the naming convention workflow. At the same time associate data together for use across workflows, or pass it to your downstream solutions. This type of approach helps you to improve naming compliance while simultaneously putting more accurate, detailed data in the hands of your media and creative teams, and adding important dimensionality to your final analysis in other systems.

Interested in reading more? Check out our blog and talk with your CSM.

  • Connect Claravine and Snapchat Ads Manager

    To connect Claravine's platform with Snapchat Ads Manager, you will perform the initial steps in Snapchat Ads Manager and then complete the setup in Claravine's platform. 

    To connect Snapchat Ads Manager with Claravine, the customer must have a Snap Client ID and Snap Client Secret Key, which can be obtained after registering Claravine as an OAuth app with their business account.

    Step 1. Snapchat Ads Manager

    In Snapchat Ads Manager:

    1. Follow Snapchat’s documentation for instructions on how to Activate Access to the Snapchat Marketing API.
    2. During this process, use the Redirect URI provided below in order for connector to be properly set:
      Redirect URI:
    3. Once Claravine has been added as an OAuth app, you will see the Snap Client ID and Snap Client Secret Key. Copy this key; you will paste it into Claravine.

    Step 2. The Data Standards Cloud

    In Claravine's Platform:

    1. In the left navigation panel, select Settings → Integrations → Accounts.
      The Accounts page displays.
    2. Click the plus sign (+) in the top right to create a new account.
      The Create Connected Account menu displays.
    3. Enter the following information for the account:
      • Name
      • Description (optional): We recommend entering a description to make it easier to determine the use of the Account when creating targets.
    4. Select the Snapchat tile as the account type.
    5. Paste the Snap Client ID and Snap Client Secret Key obtained in Step 3 of the Snapchat Ads Manager instructions above.
    6. Click Save and Connect Account.

    What's next: Follow the instructions to create a Snapchat Ads Manager inbound integration Template.

  • Snapchat Ads Manager Fields Available for Integration

    The integration allows specific fields in Snapchat to automatically import data into a connected template. Below is a list of supported fields and attributes you can map data from/to in Snapchat.

    • Field Label
    • Campaign ID
    • Campaign Created At
    • Campaign Ad Account ID
    • Campaign Start Time
    • Campaign Status
    • Campaign Name
    • Campaign Delivery Status
    • Campaign Objective
    • Campaign Buy Model
    • Ad ID
    • Ad Review Status
    • Ad Created At
    • Ad Creative ID
    • Ad Status
    • Ad Squad ID
    • Ad Name
    • Ad Delivery Status
    • Ad Type
    • Ad Render Type
    • Ad Accounts ID
    • Ad Accounts Created At
    • Ad Accounts Status
    • Ad Accounts Currency
    • Ad Accounts Name
    • Advertiser Organization ID
    • Agency Representing Client
    • Ad Accounts Billing Center ID
    • Ad Accounts Billing Type
    • Ad Accounts Time Zone
    • Ad Accounts Organization ID
    • Ad Accounts Type
    • Ad Accounts Client Paying Invoices
    • Ad Accounts Funding Source IDs
    • Regulations Restricted Delivery Signals
    • Ad Squad ID
    • Ad Squad Name
    • Ad Squad Created At
    • Ad Squad Campaign ID
    • SKAd Network Properties Status
    • Ad Squad Lifetime Budget Micro
    • Ad Squad Start Time
    • Ad Squad End Time
    • Ad Squad Creation State
    • Ad Squad Status
    • Ad Squad Daily Budget Micro
    • Ad Squad Delivery Constraint
    • Ad Squad Auto Bid
    • Ad Squad Delivery Status
    • Ad Squad Target Bid
    • Ad Squad Bid Strategy
    • Ad Squad Targeting Demographics
    • Ad Squad Targeting Geos
    • Ad Squad Billing Event
    • Ad Squad Targeting Regulated Content
    • Ad Squad Targeting Reach Status
    • Ad Squad Optimization Goal
    • Ad Squad Pacing TypechildAdTy
    • Ad Squad Child Ad Type
    • Ad Squad Forced View Setting
    • Ad Squad Placement
    • Ad Squad Type
    • Creative ID
    • Creative Name
    • Creative Headline
    • Creative Review Status
    • Creative Review Status Details
    • Creative Shareable
    • Creative Created At
    • Creative Ad Account ID
    • Creative Ad Product
    • Web View Properties Block Preload
    • Web View Properties Allow Snap Javascript SDK
    • Web View Properties Deep Link URLS
    • Web View Properties URL
    • Web View Properties Use Immersive Mode
    • Creative Brand Name
    • Creative Top Snap Crop Position
    • Creative Top Snap Media ID
    • Creative Call to Action
    • Creative Forced View Eligibility
    • Creative Packaging Status
    • Creative Type
    • Creative Render Type
    • Media ID
    • Media Name
    • Media Status
    • Media is Demo Media
    • Media Created At
    • Media Ad Account ID
    • Media Download Link
    • Media Duration in Seconds
    • Media File Name
    • Media File Size in Bytes
    • Media Hash
    • Media Type
    • Media Visibility
    • Organization ID
    • Organization Name
    • Organization Country
    • Organization State



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