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Roger Kirkman
Roger Kirkman
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Administrators can access the Row Properties feature from the Dataset View. Use it to view, filter, and sort by system-generated, row-level metadata from the original submission.

Understand Row Properties

Sifting through tens or even hundreds of thousands of rows of data on a dataset to find a subset of rows can be time-consuming. On occasion a user may have a unique ID for which they can search to quickly find a row, but very often they have only partial information to locate a row, such as a general estimate of when the row was created, or a guess at the handful of users who may have created it.

Further, once the user finds that row or group of rows, the data may look a little different than expected, and they may be curious whether that data had changed since it was originally submitted, and, if so, who made that change.

Row properties help in each of the above scenarios and more. They enable the user to filter, sort, and view system-generated, row-level information on each row of data added to the product, so that they can efficiently locate the row(s) of interest with limited information, and provide added detailed context to the activity related to that row.

Row Property Fields

  • Claravine ID: Value uniquely identifying a particular row across the product
  • Created By: User who originally created the row through a submission
  • Created Date: Date and time on which the row was originally created
  • Submission Name: Name of submission used to originally create the row of data
  • Last Updated By: User who last updated data on the row
  • Last Updated Date: Date and time on which the row was last updated

Note that the "last updated" properties include only the most recent change. For instance, if a row was:

  1. Originally created on Oct 1, 2022 by Chris.
  2. Updated on Oct 2, 2022 by Alyssa.
  3. Updated on Nov 1, 2022 by Robert.

The Last Updated Date would display 'Nov 1, 2022' and the Last Updated By property would display 'Robert'.

Display Row Properties

To display row properties:

  1. From the datasets page, click into a dataset 2024-01-16_20-59-13.png
    Datasets page (1).png
  2. All data submitted on this template is displayed. 
    Dataset view.png

  3. Click Columns.

  4. Select the Properties you wish to display.
    To select all Row Property fields, click the checkbox next to Properties

    To select individual Row Property fields, click the individual checkboxes next to each field.

  5. Click mceclip3.png to view your selections.

You can also:

  • Toggle row property visibility on or off from the Columns menu:

  • mceclip0.png Filter or sort by one or more columns of row properties to find a subset of data:

  • Include row properties in an exported CSV or XLSX file:

  • Click on a submission name to open the submission in a new browser tab:
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