Claravine + Adobe Analytics

Rebekah Garner
Rebekah Garner
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Accurate, detailed analytics start with data standards

Your web data is the cornerstone of how you understand and deliver a superior customer experience. But without the ability to govern and organize data from the start, reliable, ready-to-use customers insights will remain a challenge. That's why Claravine integrates with Adobe Analytics. Our platform, The Data Standards Cloud, connects with Adobe’s powerful analytics and attribution tool, making it easy to:

mceclip3.png Generate and define key values for more accurate, granular tracking

mceclip3.png Audit and validate data, including tag placement and configuration, to ensure it is consistently captured
mceclip3.png Enrich data for improved dimensionality and segmentation



How does it work?

Quickly generate and define key values in The Data Standards Cloud. Using the classifications API, standards can be applied to any object with an associated set of classifications - from evars and tracking codes, to page attributes and product evars.

All of this data is pushed to the appropriate Adobe Analytics report suite and classification set-up to further enrich measurement and activation. You can also simultaneously push data to parallel analytics instances or cloud storage solutions to further enable insights.


Take control of campaign and ads data

mceclip1.pngMove Faster

Automate data import and enable bulk validation to minimize manual work.

mceclip2.pngIncrease Compliance
Enable operations with naming and tracking guardrails for more reliable activation and trusted insights.


mceclip3.pngDeepen Insights
Capture metadata and append it to tracking for less unspecified data, and more depth in analysis.



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