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Rebekah Garner
Rebekah Garner
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The Dataset View is a rolled-up view of all data ever submitted on this template. The Data tab view matches the current configuration of the template of visible fields. By default, only fields configured on a template to be visible will be shown. Users can customize their view temporarily to hide visible fields and show hidden fields of data on the dataset by opening the mceclip5.png Columns menu. The hide/show columns ability enables users to see all data for easy validation and auditing.


Customize Visible Fields of Data

Customize the viewed fields of the submission temporarily by hiding visible fields or showing hidden fields of the template.

  1. Click mceclip5.png Columns in the upper right area of the submission table.
    The Columns module displays.

  2. By default, the visible fields are checked, invisible fields are unchecked and have an mceclip6.png invisible icon. The default view matches the current template schema configuration.

  3. Check the top Fields checkbox to select all or deselect all.

  4. Use the Search Column field at the top of the menu to quickly find a specific field name or narrow your list to a smaller set of fields.

  5. Select or deselect any fields and click Apply to update the fields visible in the view.

  6. Click Reset then Apply to revert the view of fields back to the default - visible fields only.

Any column display preference you apply will be added to the URL, so you can:

  • Bookmark a particular view of data and come back to it later
  • Copy and share the URL in your browser with someone else (e.g., a co-worker) so they can open the dataset in the same view you have open

Watch the video demonstrating how to hide and show columns.

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