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Rebekah Garner
Rebekah Garner
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Apply mobile data standards at scale with Claravine’s new Branch integration

With mobile advertising spend accounting for more than 60% of all US internet ad spending in 2020 (1) (2), a brand’s mobile consumer experience is more important than ever. Just as important as having a mobile strategy is having a data strategy rooted in standards to support it.

The complexity of delivering omni-channel experiences falls on marketers and becomes difficult to manage workflows across teams while ensuring data consistency.  While teams are driving toward the same outcomes, one team may be building links to collect data one way and the team in the next room over may have a different strategy altogether. Due to the fragmented mobile ecosystem and the lack of a standard, analytics teams are responsible for delayed or incomplete campaign insights as well as inconsistent consumer experiences.

This is why Claravine has partnered with Branch, an industry-leading mobile measurement and deep linking platform. Now, with this new integration, brands can apply data standards to links built for their mobile experiences, just as they already do for other channels managed in Claravine. 


Campaign and channel managers can rest well knowing newly created links will be enriched with all of the right data and values so consumer engagement data is clean on the way in — meaning quicker business insights and consistency in personalized consumer experiences. Marketers can feel confident as they easily create structured Branch links in bulk through a web-based spreadsheet view with the familiarity of Excel or Google Sheets — giving them time back in their day to spend on analyzing performance and planning the next campaign.

To learn more about our new Branch integration, get in touch here or contact your Customer Success Manager.

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