Templates - SFTP Inbound Configuration

Rebekah Garner
Rebekah Garner
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Administrators can configure a source folder in the organization’s SFTP account to import directly into a specific Claravine template, allowing users to drop a file to the folder and automatically import the data to Claravine as a dataset.


SFTP Inbound Configuration

To configure a template for automated, inbound dataset:

  1. Configure the SFTP  integration with Claravine in the connected Account menu if you have not already.

  2. Open the correct Template in the Templates Sub-Navigation menu.

  3. Click Step 3 - Connect.

  4. Click  to add a new Inbound integration.

  5. Click SFTP Pull Inbound Integration.
         The SFTP Inbound configuration section displays.

  6. Select the connected SFTP Account.

  7. Enter the Source Folder name  (e.g. inbox/us/)

  8. Click Save to save the template.



Things to Know


Work closely with your Claravine Customer Success Manager to test a small file to confirm configuration is correct.


Users must use the downloaded Template File from Claravine and update it with any changes to the template configuration. See the user instructions to Import File Via AWS S3 or SFTP Knowledge Base article.


Imported files must be in CSV UTF-8 format.


All governance and restrictions applied to the template fields will apply to the data being imported.



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