Claravine + Meta Ads Manager Integration

Rebekah Garner
Rebekah Garner
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Claravine integrates with Meta Ads Manager to import campaign metadata into a template and provide data governance on the data and links.  Once the data has been imported it can be enriched with business-specific data and then mapped into Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, or any cloud storage account for further analysis.


  1. Confirm you are logged into Meta Ads Manager appropriate permissions and access for your marketing campaigns.
    mceclip3.png We recommend the user has Manage Campaign permissions in Meta Business Manager, and access too all active campaigns.

  2. Click Settings in the Navigation menu.

  3. Click Accounts in the Integrations Sub-Navigation menu.
            The Accounts page displays.

  4. Click  to create a new Account.
      The Edit New Account menu displays.




  5. Enter the following information for the Account:
    • Name
    • Description

      mceclip3.png We recommend entering a description to make it easier to determine the use of the Account when creating targets.

  6. Select Facebook as the type.

  7. Click Connect Account.

  8. The Meta sync page opens asking to continue. Click Continue As ... or log into another account.

  9. Click Save


What's Next: Follow the instructions to create a Template with Inbound Meta Ads Manager data.




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