Pick Lists - Import and Export

Julia Randall
Julia Randall
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Pick lists are a powerful way to organize the organization’s standardized allowed metadata to be presented on a submission table. Users can select field values from a predetermined list, which adds convenience in the submission process and provides consistent metadata values for accurate and cleaner reporting.

List Import and Export features are available to streamline management of your lists. Especially for large lists, creating or updating columns in a spreadsheet may be faster than in the Data Standards Cloud UI. You can also export your list data out of The Data Standards Cloud to reference elsewhere.

Import a Pick List

  1. Navigate to an existing Pick List. On the Edit List page, select Import List to begin the import process.

    Important: Uploading a new file will completely replace your current list, including all headers and data. Row 1 of your upload file becomes the column names in your list. Ensure that your upload file has the desired structure.


  2. In the List Import popup screen, select Choose File.


  3. Select the CSV file from your computer. Once the file has been selected, an import status will appear in the List Import popup screen.


  4. Once the CSV file is successfully imported, you’ll be routed back to the Edit List page to view your updated list.

Export a Pick List

  1. Navigate to an existing Pick List. On the Edit List page, select Export List to begin the export process.

  2. Your list will download to your computer as a CSV file. The format of the CSV file will match the columns (with column headers) of your Data Standards Cloud List.



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