Claravine + TikTok Ads Manager Integration

Julia Randall
Julia Randall
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The Data Standards Cloud brings in data for each object in TikTok Ads Manager (campaigns, ads, ad groups, and a combination of these), so that you can manage data on separate data sets or blend them together to create tracking URLs. 

This means you can:

  • Automate data import to eliminate manual work
  • Pass data downstream for more readable classifications
  • Enrich data for improved dimensionality and segmentation in analysis
  • Audit and validate data against marketing data standards
  • Accelerate data entry and tracking URL building

Set Up the Connector

This integration supports authentication through OAuth. To create a Tiktok Ads Manager connector, you must have a Tiktok Business Account.

  1. Login to your Tiktok for Business account via phone or email. 

    For a smoother experience, keep this account open in your browser as you continue to the next step.
  2. Keeping the TikTok For Business app open in your browser, navigate to the Claravine platform in another tab.
  3. In the Claravine platform's main navigation panel, select Settings Integrations → Accounts
    The Accounts page displays.
  4. Click the plus sign (+) in the top right to create a new account.
    The Create Connected Account menu displays.
  5. Enter the following information for the account:
    • Name
    • Description (optional): We recommend entering a description to make it easier to determine the use of the Account when creating targets.
  6. Select the TikTok tile as the account type. 
  7. Click Save and Connect Account.
    You're redirected to the TikTok For Business page asking to grant Claravine permissions.
  8. Authorize permissions for Claravine access. 
  9. Click Confirm.

TikTok Ads Manager Fields Available for Integration


  • Campaign ID
  • Field Label
  • Campaign Name
  • Campaign Status
  • Campaign Type
  • Objective Type
  • Create Start Time
  • Field Label


  • Ad ID
  • Ad Name
  • Ad Status
  • Ad Format
  • Ad Text
  • Ad Group ID
  • Campaign ID
  • Click Tracking URL
  • Landing Page URL
  • Open Url
  • Field Label

Ad Group

  • Ad Group ID
  • Ad Group Name
  • Ad Group Status
  • Advertiser ID
  • Audience
  • Budget
  • Campaign ID
  • Languages
  • Create End Time
  • Create Start Time



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