Claravine + Google Ads Overview

Julia Randall
Julia Randall

Deep, actionable campaign insights start with data standards

Sprawling advertising data, complicated by siloed teams and tools, means you're likely struggling to properly deliver and measure your campaigns across search, display, video and more. That’s why Claravine integrates with Google Ads. Our platform, The Data Standards Cloud, automatically syncs campaign, ad group and ad data from this powerful partner, making it easy to:

  • Automate the import of data, reducing manual steps and human error, while improving the speed and availability of fresh, accurate data for use

  • Accelerate data entry and custom tracking URL building

  • Audit and validate data against marketing data standards

  • Pass data downstream for more readable classifications

  • Enrich data for improved dimensionality and segmentation in analysis

How does it work?

Once the connector is set up, The Data Standards Cloud automatically syncs and imports specified data from Google Ads and maps this into the appropriate fields in your template(s). From there, you can take a few approaches depending on what your team is looking to accomplish.

You can pass this data directly to your analytics and BI tools so you can more immediately understand performance in these systems. And, you can enrich this data with additional business-specific metadata before sending it downstream.

You can also create and validate data across various team workflows. For example, generate naming conventions in our platform. Then set-up campaigns in Google Ads and import this data to validate compliance and add business-specific data from the naming convention workflow. At the same time associate data together for use across workflows, or pass it to your downstream solutions. This type of approach helps you to improve naming compliance while simultaneously putting more accurate, detailed data in the hands of your media and creative teams, and adding important dimensionality to your final analysis in other systems.

Make your Google Ads data work harder

  • Deeper Insights: Deliver rich, business-specific dimensions directly to analytics and BI, ready-to-use.
  • Faster Experimentation: Leverage reliable, connectable campaign, creative and content data for measurement and optimization.
  • Improved Collaboration: Accelerate hand-offs with increased taxonomy compliance and data quality.

Interested in reading more?

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