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Rebekah Garner
Rebekah Garner
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Claravine can import ad IDs, Names, and additional metadata directly from Campaign Manager 360, avoiding manual exports, then pass data downstream for more readable classifications and enriched data for improved dimensionality and segmentation in analysis.


To add Campaign Manager Inbound to a template:

  1. An Administrator must first connect the Campaign Manager 360 in the Accounts Sub-Navigation menu of Integrations.

  2. Open or create the Integration Template in the Templates Sub-Navigation menu. The template must contain all ID fields, platform Name fields, and any additional metadata fields in Step 2 Define and Govern.

  3. Click Step 3 - Connect.

  4.  Click  to add a new Inbound integration.

  5. Click Google CM360.
         The Google Campaign Manager 360 inbound configuration section displays.
  6. Select the connected CM360 Account from the drop-down list.

  7. Select Filters to apply to the imported data:
      1. Include Archived Campaigns
      2. Include Paste End Date Campaigns
      3. Include Ads Missing Creatives
      4. Include Inactive Ads
      5. Include Ads Missing Placements
      6. Excelue Inactive Creatives
      7. Exclude Archived Placements
      8. Exclude Archived Creatives
      9. Exclude Archived Ads

  8. Select the Advertisers from the drop-down list.

  9. Select which Campaigns to import into Claravine. Not selecting any Campaigns will bring in all active Campaigns.

  10. Select which Placements to import into Claravine. Not selecting any Placements will bring in all active Campaigns.

  11. Select the Data Sync Frequency. It is recommended to set the frequency to daily.

    Field Mapping

  12. Ad ID, Campaign ID, Placement ID, and Campaign Name are required field mappings when adding a CM360 integration to a template. In the Map To fields, select the field names in the template to map this inbound data to. See the list of available inbound fields.

  13. Click + Add New Mapping to add additional CM360 fields to map with Claravine fields.

  14. Click Save to save the template.

    Watch a video showing you how to add a CM360 Inbound Integration to a template.



    What's Next: Follow the instructions to create an outbound URL configuration for CM360.

    What's Next: See how users would review and submit inbound integration data in the Pending menu.




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