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Chris Comstock
Chris Comstock
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Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) integration enables data standardization across a variety of object types in AEM.  Metadata from sites, assets, products, and tags can be configured to be imported into a Claravine template as well as enabled to update the corresponding fields which were imported. 


Add a Connected Account

Our AEM integration provides Claravine access to an AEM instance based on a set of user credentials and the permissions of the user will need to be configured in AEM to enable the right scope of data access required for Claravine.



  1. Click on Settings in the Navigation Menu.
  2. Expand Integrations and click on Accounts.
  3. Click on the blue + sign in the upper right and select Adobe Experience Manager.  If you don't have access to the AEM integration please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.Screen_Shot_2021-07-15_at_1.52.12_PM.png
  4. Enter the Account Name as a reference in Claravine to your AEM instance.
  5. Enter the Username and password which was generated by your AEM Administrator.
  6. Enter the Hosted URL which we will use to connect to your AEM instance.  For authentication, we provide an optional proxy URL if you company AEM instance is hosted behind a firewall.
  7. Click Save.
  8. The connected account will now be available to be added to a template.

Security Considerations

Claravine connects to AEM through the AEM API and uses the username and password provided to access the fields on a specific object.  The permission granted to this user will determine what data we can import and update.  If you only plan on importing objects into Claravine read-only access is all that would be required of the user credentials.

For external access to systems Claravine uses a set of static IP address which can be whitelisted as another solution for controlling access.  You will need to check with your network administrator to see if this is required or an option for the integration.  Contact your CSM for the set of IP addresses to be whitelisted.



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