Why Are Link Validations Failing Due to Cookies

Rebekah Garner
Rebekah Garner
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When a site or landing page requires users to accept or configure cookies, marketing tags won’t automatically load onto the page to be verified by Claravine.


While the page verification check will still pass, other common verification checks will fail such as:

  • Pixel Exists
  • Correct Report Suite (Adobe)
  • Correct Report (Adobe)
  • Correct Property (Google)


To help bypass cookie notifications, Claravine uses a unique request header when scanning your landing pages for marketing tags. Your team can use this value to automatically accept cookies and allow Claravine’s tag validation to run and return the proper verification status.


Request Header:

'X-Vendor': 'ClaravineValidator'


Please reach out to your site administrator or to your IT team for assistance in configuring this Request Header.



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