Add New Google Campaign Manager Ads to a Template

Rebekah Garner
Rebekah Garner
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Google Campaign Manager integrated templates that have been filtered to a specific Advertiser,  Campaign, or Placement will need to continually manage the filters on the template. An Administrator or Manager who has been given Template permission can update the integration template to add new campaigns as needed.

Add a New Filtered GCM Campaign

  1. Navigate to SettingsTemplates.
    The Templates page displays.


  2. Click the name of the Template to edit.
    The Edit New Template menu displays.

  3. Go to Step 3- Connect.

  4. Expand the Google DCM Inbound Integration menu.


  5. Update the Limit Import BY ADVERTISERSLimit Import BY CAMPAIGNS, and/or Limit Import BY PLACEMENTS sections, type the name or use the drop down menu to select the Advertiser, Campaign, or Placement to import to this template. Select all that apply (multi-select).


  6. Click Save to save the template.

  7. The template will import all mapped data from GCM on the next sync.

    Manual syncs require the Administrator to navigate to the Template Dataset View and click IntegrationRun Integration.

    Daily, Twice Daily, Weekly, and Monthly syncs will run the next day at 6AM EST.



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