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Rebekah Garner
Rebekah Garner
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Claravine can generate a QR Code image with the data from every submission. Administrators can design the QR Code configuration, a shortened link, and file type and size per template. If using QR Code Studio, Claravine will send the URL, shortened URL, and QR Code data back to QRCode Monkey reporting. QR Code Monkey does not permit dynamic QR Code creation via API.


When you submit your dataset, Claravine provides a link to a QR Code for each row. Clicking that link sends the full URL (or shortened URL) to QR Code Monkey, which sends back the designed QR Code. Note: Each link expires after 20 clicks to view or download the code. 


To add QRCode Monkey integration Outbound to a template:

  1. Open the Template in the Templates Sub-Navigation menu.

  2. Click Step 3 - Connect.

  3. Click  to add a new Outbound integration.

  4. Click QRCode Monkey.
         The QRCode Monkey configuration section displays.

  5. Enter the Integration Name. If no value is entered, Claravine will default to [undefined].

  6. Select the connected QRCode Monkey Account.

    mceclip3.png An Administrator must first connect the QRCode Monkey account in the Accounts Sub-Navigation menu of Integrations.

  7. Select the type of code to generate as Classic QR Code (black and white) or a Transparent QR Code (colored, images, logos applied). 

  8. Check the box to include a shortened link to associate with the URL and QR Code if applicable.

  9. Enter the QR Code size in pixels.

  10. Select the File Type to generate the print quality resolution QR Code images in the submission:
      1. PNG
      2. SVG
      3. PDF
      4. EPS

  1. If using QRCode Studio and selecting Classic QR Code type, copy the JSON configuration into the QRCode Monkey Studio Configuration field.

  1. If using QRCode Studio and selecting Transparent QR Code type, enter the following:
      1. Background Image URL
      2. Background X Image Offset (if applicable)
      3. Background Y Image Offset (if applicable)

  1. Click Save to save the template.



User Experience

In the template submission table with the QRCode Monkey integration, the user will fill in the submission table as usual. Claravine will generate a link that the user will click to download the high resolution QR Code (as PNG, SVG, PDF, or EPS), as well as the shortened URL (if applicable).



mceclip3.png QRCode links have a maximum of 20 times they can be clicked. The reason for this is that the QR code isn’t generated until the link is clicked, and the link can be clicked by anyone with the link (i.e., it can be clicked from within Claravine, Excel, etc.). Since each click generates a new QR code, QR Code Monkey charges each time a QR code link is clicked, so the click limit is to keep a link from being shared and clicked hundreds or thousands of times and causing a large surprise bill.



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