Adobe Analytics - Update API Shared Secret

Rebekah Garner
Rebekah Garner
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Generating a New Shared Secret Key in Adobe Analytics

    1. Log in to Adobe Analytics, not the Admin Console.

    2. On the top menu click on Admin.

    3. Under User Management, click on Analytics Users & Assets.

    4. Search for the user profile you want to connect with Claravine. Click on the User ID.

    5. In the Access > Web Services Credentials section, check the box to the left of Regenerate shared secret on save.mceclip0.png

    6. Click Save Changes. 

    7. The browser page refreshes with the new Shared Secret. 

    8. Copy the new Shared Secret and share with your Claravine CSM or follow the steps below to update the Shared Secret in Claravine.

Apply the New Shared Secret in Claravine 

  1. Click Settings in the Navigation menu.

  2. Click Accounts in the Integrations Sub-Navigation menu.
            The Accounts page displays.

  3. Click the name of the Adobe Analytics Account you want to modify.
         The Edit Account menu displays.

  4. Double check the User Name is  User Name:Company Name   (e.g. rgarner:Claravine)

  5. Paste the new Shared Secret.

  6. Click Save



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