Google Campaign Manager - Update API Key

Christine Reges
Christine Reges
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Generating a New JSON Key for Existing Claravine Doubleclick service account 

  1. Go to the Google Cloud Service Accounts Page.

  2. Select the project that is currently tied to your Claravine integration.

  3. In the Service Accounts for project page, identify the email account associated with your Claravine integration.

  4. To the far right of the email, click the mceclip0.png Actions icon and select Create Key. When prompted, check JSON as the key type. Click Create.

  5. Your JSON file will automatically download and you will see your new key appear under the same email profile.

  6. In the same Service Accounts for project page,  click the mceclip1.png Actions icon, select Edit for the same services account.

  7. In the Keys section, mceclip2.png delete the old Key. Click Save.

Apply the New JSON Key in Claravine 

  1. Click Settings in the Navigation menu.

  2. Click Accounts in the Integrations Sub-Navigation menu.
            The Accounts page displays.

  3. Click the name of the Google Campaign Manager Account you want to modify.
         The Edit Account menu displays.

  4. Upload the new JSON service account key file.

  5. Click Save.



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