Why has my link validation quit working?

Rebekah Garner
Rebekah Garner
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If link validation has been working for a certain page and it suddenly stops working, it's possible that your website's firewall is blocking our page validations when we attempt to test your link.


If our validator is being blocked, you may see the following error message:


In order to perform our automated landing page validation, our validator IP address needs to interact with your landing page to perform several checks.


How to Resolve the IP Blocking Issue

To resolve this IP blocking issue your webmaster or network team will need to whitelist the Claravine validator IP address(es) to allow the validation to proceed.  Contact our Support Team to request the information you'll need to convey to your IT Team so they can get it whitelisted.


Your organization could also be partially blocking our validator. The validator always includes the request header 'X-Vendor': 'ClaravineValidator', and your organization may not fire all the pixels due to that header. Please ask your IT Department to allow the above header.


mceclip3.png NOTE: You are still able to process submissions and generate valid URLs even if the link validator is being blocked.  The Claravine Platform was just not able to validate that the page exists and that it is properly tagged for your analytics platform indicated.




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