Pick Lists - Using Filtered Value with Drill Down Pick List

Rebekah Garner
Rebekah Garner
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Pick lists are a powerful way to organize the organization’s standardized allowed metadata to be presented on a submission table. Users are able to select field values from a predetermined list which adds convenience in the submission process and provides consistent metadata values for accurate and cleaner reporting.

About Drill Down Pick Lists

Drill Down lists are also known as filtered, narrowing, or cascading lists. The pick list contains multiple levels of values that are narrowed or filtered based on the previous column's selection.  As a user makes their selection from the first column, the available pick list values presented to them in subsequent columns narrow.

Example Use Case

When a user selects the Region APAC, the user will only see the three APAC options: Australia, China, and Thailand. When the user selects Australia they will only have a single option of Agency 1. If the user selects China, they will have the two options of Agency 2 or Agency 4 to select from.


Using Select Filter Value with Drill Down Pick List

Administrators have the ability to Select Filter Value on a template to set a default value of a drill down list. If the Administrator wants each Region to have their own template, they can set each template to default to the specific Region.


  1. Open the Template to which you want to Select Filter Value default.

  2. Go to Step 2 - Define and Govern.

  3. Hover over   to view the Edit options, and click Edit   and use the drop down menu to Select Filter Value.

mceclip3.png Continue to Select Filter Values for each column of the Drill Down pick list to the first column the user must interact with or select.
mceclip3.pngSetting this field to Select Filter Value will automatically hide this field from the user’s Submission Table view. It is defaulted and locked, and unnecessary to view.

  1. Click Save.


User Experience

Below is an example of the Select Filter Values as the user will see it in the submission table:


The Region selection of APAC is defaulted on this template. The user does not need to select APAC and only sees the Countries associated with APAC and no other Region.


If this template was narrowed by a specific Region, Country, and Agency, all three fields could be filtered/defaulted and unnecessary for the user to see or select but still populate behind the scenes.

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