Claravine + Google Campaign Manager Integration

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Rebekah Garner
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Claravine integrates with Google Campaign Manager to import campaign metadata into a template and provide data governance on the data and links.  Once the data has been imported it can be enriched with business-specific data and then mapped into Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, or any cloud storage account for further analysis.

Enabling the Google DCM / DFA API

Enable API, create a Service Account with the correct access to the Google Campaign Manager API, assign Credentials, generate a Key, and create the Claravine user for the new Service Account.

  1. While logged in to a google email account which has access to Google Campaign Manager, go to the following URL to enable the API if this was not previously enabled.

  1. Select the Project or create a New Project. Click Continue.

  2. Click Go to Credentials.
        The APIs & Services > Credentials page displays.

  3. Respond to the 'Add credentials to your project' questions as follows:
      1. Which API are you using?   Campaign Manager 360 API
      2. Where will you be calling the API from?   Web server (e.g. node.js, Tomcat)
      3. What data will be you be accessing?   Application data
      4. Are you planning to use this API with App Engine or Computer Engine?   No, I'm not using them.

  4. Click What credentials do I need?

  5. Add Service Account credentials to the API which will be used for API access by Claravine.  
        The Add credentials to your project page displays.

  6. Enter the Service Account Name (Claravine).

  7. Select a Role as Project > Owner.

  8. Select the model for Key Type as JSON

  9. Click Continue.
    image-1.png Google will download the JSON file to your computer, you will upload this to Claravine in future steps.

  10. Navigate to Campaign Manager 360 (instructions below follow the Campaign Manager 360 Help documentation).

  11. Create a new user profile: Click Admin > User profiles > New user profile. Use the email address created in step 6 above. The access you provide to this email will be what controls what campaign / advertiser data is available to be imported into Claravine.

  12. Set user profile properties on the Properties tab and select a user role (Recommended Advanced Agency Trafficker role).

  13. Add any filters you need on the Filters tab (Recommended Advertiser filter).

  14. Save the user profile.

  15. Identify and note the User Profile ID.

Claravine Configuration

The following steps are required in order to grant Claravine the correct permissions and access to the Google API to import data.  See below for how to create a service account in Google.


  1. Generate a key file using a Google Service Account which Claravine will use to authenticate and access the API.  It is recommended but not required that this be a separate account for Claravine.

  2. Once the JSON service account key file is created, log in to Claravine.

  3. Click on Settings in the Navigation menu.

  1. In the Integrations Sub-Navigation menu, click on Accounts.

  1. Enter the Account Name and Description (optional).

  2. Select the Doubleclick Campaign Manager icon and scroll down to enter the account credentials.

  1. Click “Upload” to upload the Service Account Key JSON file created in the above steps.

  2. Enter the Google Campaign Manager User Profile ID which the key file was created under. This is the Profile ID for the DCM User ID found under Admin (7 characters long).mceclip0.png

  3. Enter the Connected Email Address which was used to create the key file. The email address entered here must match the email address in the key file.

  4. Click Save.


What's next: Follow the instructions to create a Template with Inbound Campaign Manager 360 data.




Supporting Documentation


Getting Started


Service Account Setup
Screen_Shot_2018-10-01_at_8.50.14_PM.png Read information on the DCM/DFA Reporting and Trafficking API guide about Service Accounts in Campaign Manager.


Creating Service Account Keys

Screen_Shot_2018-10-01_at_8.50.14_PM.png Read information how to create Service Account Keys. Clicking Create downloads the required service account key file.  


Enabling the DFA Reporting API<insert_project_id>

 Screen_Shot_2018-10-01_at_8.50.14_PM.png See more details below on Enabling the API



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