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Rebekah Garner
Rebekah Garner
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Reports allows users within a Group to view submission data by template within a specific period in a rollup table. Users can select a specific template, user, and date range and download the data from the Dataset Explorer. Pending or failed submissions will not be seen in this view.


To view the submissions in the Dataset Explorer:

  1. Click Reports in the Navigation menu.

  2. Select the Template name from the drop-down menu. You will only see the templates you have access to.
           The Dataset Explorer table displays.

You can view the following information in the Dataset Explorer:

  • Pattern
  • Fields as input during the submission process
  • Final Claravine-generated link with pattern and additional parameters appended
  • Submitter Name
  • Submission Date
  • Submission Name

  1. Filter your Dataset Explorer data by choosing a specific user, start date or end date in the Sub-Navigation menu.

mceclip3.png Download the table view by clicking Download in the Sub-Navigation menu.




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