Getting Started for Admin (Google Analytics)

Rebekah Garner
Rebekah Garner
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Google Analytics to Claravine API Connection

Claravine can connect with either a Google Analytics Free and Google Analytics 360 account using an API connection.

  1. Within your Google Analytics account, navigate to the appropriate Account.

  2. Click Admin in the left-side menu.

  3. Under Property, click Data Import.

  4. Open an existing schema or create a new schema:
    1. Data Set Type - Extended Data Import - select Campaign Data.
    2. Data Set Details - enter the Data Set name. Enable the Views that will make use of the data in this Data Set.
    3. Data Set Schema - select the Acquisition, Advertising, and Custom Dimensions to be used in this schema. Select Yes for Overwrite Hit data.


Screen_Shot_2018-10-01_at_8.50.14_PM.png For more information about creating custom dimensions, please read the Dimension Widening and UTM ID document.

  1. Click Save.

  2. On the Data Import screen, click Manage Uploads for the Data Set.

  3. Click Get Schema.

  4. Copy the string in the CSV Header section.

  5. If you have not already created the Google Account in Claravine, follow the instructions to Create a Connected Account.

  6. In Claravine, click Settings in the Navigation menu.

  7. Click Targets in the Sub-Navigation menu.

  8. Create or edit an existing Target with the correct GA Account, GA Property, and Custom Data Source selections.

  9. Paste the above CSV Header string into the Custom Data Source Schema field.

  1. Click Save.



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