Tracking Code Best Practices

Rebekah Garner
Rebekah Garner
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In an Adobe webinar, it was mentioned that campaign codes should be "short, granular, cryptic, unique, lowercase, and consistent." Using short codes helps stay within platform character limitations, prevents competitors from gaining insight into the campaign strategy you have, and allows for updates to metadata details about tracking codes after they are already in play in the event of changes or corrections. It's best to include a channel identifier, since the Adobe Analytics Marketing Channel Processing Rules are set up based on specific ways that codes are configured. Proper setup in this area allows you to use the Marketing Channels reporting and Attribution IQ, which allows for comparison of different attribution models and more insights than just looking at the Tracking Code report.


Claravine hosted a webinar on best practices, such as "Keys to a Best-in-Class Adobe Analytics Classification Process" which can be accessed here:


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