Sync New Adobe Classifications to Claravine

Rebekah Garner
Rebekah Garner
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Claravine uses an API connection to share data between Adobe Analytics and Claravine. If an Administrator makes changes in Adobe, the Claravine Target and Field Set mapping must be updated as well. 


In Adobe Analytics:

For assistance adding a classification in Adobe, please reach out to your Adobe Care representative or review the Adding Conversion Classifications information from the Analytics Components Guide.


In Claravine:

  1. Click Settings in the Navigation menu.

  2. Click Targets in the Integrations Sub-Navigation menu.

  3. Click the name of the Target you want to modify or check the box to the left of the Target name and click mceclip1.png Edit  to open the Edit Target menu.

  4. Claravine will use the API to search the report suite and report for updates to the classification fields and display the information under the Target Fields for Report section.
    • Check Mark (mceclip2.png) indicates the classifications that existed the last time the Target was refreshed.
    • Plus Sign (+) indicates new classifications in Adobe to be added.
    • Minus Sign (-) indicates classifications that have been deleted from Adobe since the last time the Target was saved and will no longer send data to that classification.

  5. Click Save to save the Target changes.

    mceclip0.png IMPORTANT NOTE: Now that we have synced the new classification to the Target in Claravine, we need to map any fields to the new classification. Without this step, metadata from the users' submissions will not be sent to Adobe Analytics.

  6. Click Settings in the Navigation menu.

  7. Click Field Sets in the Elements Sub-Navigation menu.

  8. Click the name of the Field Set you want to modify or check the box to the left of the Field Set name and click Edit mceclip0.png to open the Edit Field Set menu.

  9. If the field does not exist in the Field Set, click Add Field mceclip4.png, define the field type and add governance as desired. 
    mceclip3.png Follow this link for more information on how to Add a Field or define governance.

  10. Click Target Mapping to associate a classification in the appropriate Target. 

    mceclip3.png Without this field to Target classification association, no metadata will be sent to Adobe Analytics and the classifications will be unspecified. Not mapping this field will act as a Claravine-local field.

  11. Find the Target Name, use the arrow to expand the view of classification options for this Target.

  12. Check the box to the left of the classification(s) name to map the field.  
    mceclip3.png You can map a single field to many classifications in any Target.

  13. Click Done.

  14. Click Save to save the Field Set.

    mceclip3.png IMPORTANT NOTE: If you added and mapped the new classification field in the Field Set, we need to add the classification field to the Template. If you mapped the Target to an existing field, the following steps are not necessary.

  15. Click Settings on the Navigation menu.

  16. Click Templates in the Templates Sub-Navigation menu.

  17. Check the box to the left of the name of the Template you want to edit., click  to edit the Template.

  18. In Step 2 - Define and Govern, click + Select Fields to add the new field from the Field Set.

  19. Check the box to select all the fields in the Field Set or click the drop down menu to select individual fields.
    mceclip3.png Use the Search field to find a specific field name across all Field Sets.

  20. Click Select Fields.

  21. The classification field selected will populate at the bottom of the schema.

  22. Move the field into the order as it should appear to the user in the submission table:
    • Manual: Drag the field into the ordering you desire.
    • Custom: Reorder Mode mceclip5.pngallows the administrator to easily order the fields by assigning a line number.

  23. Click Save to save the Template changes.



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