Targets - Multi-Target Uploads (MTU)

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Rebekah Garner
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You have the ability to add multiple destination locations in a single Target, which is beneficial to send data to multiple Adobe reports and eVars with a single submission. The most common implementation practice that inspired this feature is called Multi-Suite Tagging, or Multi-Target Uploads (MTU) which is sending all of your Key (aka tracking code, campaign ID) and all associated metadata to multiple data repositories inside Adobe Analytics’ vaults.

For administrators that need additional information about Targets, read the Targets Overview (Adobe) document.

How It Works

The classifications in the destination targets must be exactly replicated across all the report suites and eVars that will receive your codes and metadata. The individual classifications must be named the exact same and the amount of classification must match exactly (one eVar cannot have 10 classification while the additional target eVar has 12).

The most valuable feature of the Multi-Target Upload is the ability to manage a global pattern that will apply to multiple report suites.

Multi-Target Upload is only available for Adobe Analytics accounts.


A marketing firm, ROI Branding, manages the marketing campaigns of 20 customers through Claravine. ROI Branding created a Global Report Suite and Campaign Report in Claravine from which they will manage one set of campaign reports for each channel (email, social, display) instead of managing a channel for each of their 20 customers. When a marketing representative creates a tracking code for one of its customers, Central Park Clothing, the pattern is set up to include a classification to identify the Central Park Clothing brand. When the tracking code is submitted through Claravine, the code is pushed to all 20 of the Report Suites included in the Multi-Target Upload box, but only the customer Central Park Clothing will receive the metadata being tracked. The other 19 customers will show this tracking code in their report but it will not track data because they are not Central Park Clothing.

Adding a Multi-Target Upload

  1. Click Settings in the Navigation menu.

  2. Click Targets in the Integrations Sub-Navigation menu.

  3. Click  to create a new Target or click the name of the Target you want to modify.
      The Edit Target menu displays.

  4. Multi Targets that have been previously set will show in the Multi Targets area at the bottom of the page.

  5. Click  to Add a Multi Target to this parent Target.

  6. Find the Report Suite and click the arrow to expand the list of available Reports.

  7. If the classifications in the Report match exactly to the parent Target, the Report is available to select.

  8. If there is a discrepancy between the parent and added Multi Target classifications, you will see an error "This Report Suite has no compatible reports available to add".  This indicates there is a discrepancy in the classifications in Adobe. Please navigate to Adobe to correct the issue and make all classifications match exactly.

  9. Claravine can add many multi targets, continue to add as many as are necessary. Check the Report name box for each multi target.

  10. Click Add Multi-Target.

  11. Click Save to save the Target.

All submissions from this point forward that use this Target in the field set will send the Key and metadata to all Adobe Report Suite and Report targets in this Multi Target. 

If you need to send existing data from Claravine submissions to this additional Adobe Report Suite and Report, it is recommended to Edit and Resubmit each submission.



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