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Haley Lademann
Haley Lademann
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The dataset view was previously only available to Administrators, and is now available to all users. With this feature release, we're unlocking a series of functionality for managers and users, while also introducing some new features and enhancements for all.

A dataset is a unified, aggregate view of all data submitted to a template. All submissions aggregate to one table of data. If data is resubmitted, the newest submission data overwrites the previous values on the dataset view. Therefore, the dataset view always reflects the most up-to-date row values.


What's New

The improvements to the interface for interacting with your data and templates include:

  • New landing page upon login
  • Search or filter your datasets by folders
  • Sort by recent, A to Z, and Z to A
  • Choose to expand or collapse all template descriptions
  • Dataset cards
    • Access your dataset by clicking on the dataset card
    • Quick action buttons to create a new submission and import data
    • Quickly edit your template from the ellipsis on the dataset (Admins only)
    • View information about your template and dataset at a glance: its folder, # of rows, integrations configured, and last updated
    • "Star" your datasets to add them to your Favorites folder for quick access

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Key Features

The dataset view is now accessible to all users, regardless of role. In addition, all users will also have access to features previously only available to admins, including: dataset exports, row properties, column visibility, duplicating row data, and the ability to update rows from multiple submissions in a single step.


Datasets Page Introduction

Watch this video for an introduction to the new Datasets page and overview of its navigation:

The Datasets view is your landing page when you log into the Claravine platform. To navigate to it, select Datasets from the left panel. All the templates display. 


  • Search for templates using the Search bar; enter a value and both template names and descriptions are searched for that value.
  • To the right of the Search bar, you can toggle the Show Description option on or off.
  • Sort the list of templates alphabetically or by recency using the Search By field.
  • In the left column, you can select to view all Datasets, your Favorites only, or look within Folders.
    Note:  Folders that do not contain any templates will not appear in the Folders list.
  • The list of templates displays the name of each template, its folder, the number of rows, the integrations configured on the template, when it was last updated, and (optionally) its description. 
  • Use the quick action buttons to the right of each template to create a new submission, import a file to create a new submission, or edit the template (vertical ellipsis ⋮ button available to admins only).  

Datasets Features and Functionality

Watch this video for a glimpse inside a dataset and its features:

When you click on a template, you land in the DatasetData tab, displaying all data submitted for the template you selected. This is the unified and aggregate view of all your submission data in one place.


  • To search, enter any value in the Search bar and every field in your dataset will be searched.
  • Hide or show columns by clicking on Columns (to the right of the Search bar) and selecting from the visibility drop list. 
    The Columns visibility drop list now includes system-generated Properties, such as Created By and Created Date, which you can also choose to show or hide. You can interact with these properties to filter by creator, for example.
  • Create a new submission, import a file, or export data from this dataset using the quick action buttons on the top right.
  • To filter on a specific column, click the filter icon next to the column header.
  • Selecting desired rows displays new actions on the top right; you can duplicate rows into a new submission or edit them.
  • The footer at the very bottom of the dataset view tells you how many rows out of those selected are being displayed and the last updated date of the dataset.

Navigating Submissions

Watch this video for an introduction to navigating submissions from within the dataset view and in the primary submissions menu:

Find all the submissions for a given template by navigating to Datasets → [Template] → Submissions.


  • View all the data you have submitted for a template in one place by navigating to Datasets → [Template] → Data.
  • View all the submissions across all templates by navigating to SubmissionsSubmissions.

Note: This article primarily focuses on an overview of the features and enhancements introduced in this release. Although the interface will reflect the older UI, continue to the next article for a deep dive on all features and functionality unlocked by having access to datasets.

General Availability

This feature will be enabled for all accounts by January 17th, 2024.



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